We pledge to serve society

SOM has registered a foundation named “Dwarka Foundation“ which financially supports the NGO working in slum areas. The funding goes to slum girls who are aspiring to be self-employed.

This NGO conducts educational courses like catering, beauty parlour, KG school teachers, and textile weaving. We empower the school drop out girls to earn their living

In our humble philanthropic effort, we have also funded the drought relief projects. This effort helped us to rejuvenate two rivers (One at Bidkin and one at Gidhada) with the contribution of villagers and experts.

We generate on an average 1200 units
of electricity every day.

We grow by protecting mother earth

SOM has ETP and STP plants. Water consumed for processes and domestic use is treated and used on 100% basis. There is continuous improvement to reuse natural resources.

SOM has transferred all the melting furnaces from Furnace oil to LPG. This has reduced Sulphur content in the flue gases from 4% to 0%.

We are reducing the usage of single use plastic day by day. We aim to eliminate the usage of single use plastic completely in the coming time.

We have planted more than 6000 medium and large sized trees in our premises to reduce our carbon footprint.

We have used all the available roofs including vehicle parking shade to deploy solar power generation setup. On an average we generate 1200 units of electricity every day. That is equal to planting 6000 trees.