• “SOM Knowledge center”- This knowledge center has been established and is being developed over last decade. We document and store learnings from various modes like customer complaints, field failures, brake downs, Pokayoke and Kaizens.
  • The process of development begins with collecting failure data of same or similar components from customer and historical data from SOM Knowledge center.
  • Engineering and production team possesses good metallurgical knowledge. We are accustomed to handle different alloys. Many times, we have shared knowledge and experience with customers for choosing alloy to meet the end application requirements.
  • Capable design team with 75+ years of cumulative experience, designs dies & core boxes in-house. Customers can share 2D and 3D data in any format.
  • We have started manufacturing dies in-house. This activity will be scaled up to meet requirements in next 3 years.

    Till that time, we are seeking support of reputed tool-rooms in India.

  • HPDC, LPDC and GDC dies and processes are validated by simulation software available in-house. This includes sand core simulation.
  • Our team has evolved excellent ideas and shared with customers for thin-walled castings, leak-proof castings and load-bearing castings.
  • We can say with enough confidence that light-weighting of castings has been our expertise.
  • As an example of innovation, we have successfully added small castings in the dies of larger castings.
  • Engineering and production teams are well versed with vacuum die casting, squeeze die casting, jet-cooling and confirmal coolings. Team has launched and producing many complicated castings.
  • Team follows APQP processes and other customer specific processes.

DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: Machining, Sub-assemblies, Leak testing and Surface treatments.

  • Based on end application, assembly requirements at customer end and in-house process requirements, machines, fixtures, cutting tools are identified and extent of robustness is decided. We generally go for best machine tool manufacturers like Fanuc, Brother and AMS. We follow FMEA process here.
  • Machining hydraulic fixtures of 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis machining are designed in-house. The fixtures are manufactured by reputed fixture manufacturers.
  • We collaborate world known cutting tool manufacturer like Guhring, Komet, etc. and developed cutting tools. We use hydro grip/Shrink fit tools and tool holders.
  • Multi-gauging systems, relation gauges and standard gauges are designed in-house and sourced from renowned brands.
  • Engineering and manufacturing team excellent knowledge and experience on various surface treatment like liquid painting, powder coating, chromatising, etc. Powder coating plant is available in-house.
  • Many of the present components are supplied in sub-assembled conditions. Engineering team has designed and developed ,multiple assembly lines, various leak testing technologies and marking methods including laser marking
  • APQP processes are followed, and customers are there always in the loop.
  • Customers specific change management procedures are adhered to.